Reasons You Might Not Like Sex on a Beach

When you see movie stars having sex on the beach, you would quickly think that it is super romantic. But if you try to does that, then you quickly discover that things are fancy as you thought they were. Having sex on the beach is a bad idea, whether with your partner or Eve escorts you hire. Many people who have tried it have lived to regret. In this post, we are the reason why you should not have sex on the beach.

· Sand will go where it shouldn’t go

One of the downsides of having sex on the beach is the risk of sand going where it shouldn’t even come close to. Just imagine how it would feel to rub your genitals on sandpaper? That is precisely how you will feel when sand gets into your private part. Sand in your hair is one thing, and sand down there is a different thing. Things can change really first when sand gets down there. The excellent experience that you are having with your partner can turn to an awful experience. Sand in private parts also increases the chances of suffering from UTI, infection, or something even worse.

· Salty water will tamper with natural lubrication

If you have ever hard sex in your bathtub, then you have probably released that the wetness that water adds is not desirable. Now, salty water is even worse because it introduces some elements down there that may affect the PH, thus alter your natural lubrication. Just imagine how the experience will be if you or your partner is dry, then sand gets down there. It is something that you wouldn’t want to experience. So, if you don’t want to tamper with your natural lubrication, then you better stay away from salty water.

· It increases the chances of getting infections

The friction of sand in your genitals can cause skin abrasion, making you or your partner vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases. It is better to get an infection while having sex in a decent place, not because of the sand that got into your genitals and messed things up.

· Creepy creatures may scare you

Beach is home to some creepy creatures. Just imagine seeing a crab crawling on your partner’s arm while having sex? Of course, that will scare you. The environment that you are matters a lot. Having sex in a place that is full of creepy creatures means that you always have to be on the lookout, and that means not having a pleasant experience with your partner.

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