Am I His Girlfriend Or Escort?

As I have been working for London escorts for some time now, I would say that I have pretty good working relationships with many of my clients. That being said, there is one client in particular I get on very with and I see a lot of him. He and I have been dating since I joined my first London escorts agency. During that time, we have kind of become somewhat confused about our feelings. I am not sure if I am his girlfriend or escort.

How often do I see this guy? Most of the time, I hook up with my cheap London escorts regulars on a weekly or fortnightly basis. But, this guy is different. I see him at least twice a week. We always end up going out for dinner or drinks. The way I talk to him is totally different from the way I talk to my other London escorts. Our conversation is always more intimate and we like to talk about the things that happen in our lives. It is just like a girlfriend meeting up with her boyfriend at the end of the day. We have a chat what has happened in our lives since we last met.

Also, we stay in touch over the phone. I don’t make it a rule to hand out my personal telephone number, but with this guy things are not like with other London escorts. I would never dream of handing out my private telephone or contact details to some guy that I have just met. But, I am totally comfortable around this guy. Even though he still calls the London escorts agency I work for to arrange all of the dates, he still has me on his speed dial and can call me anytime.

Recently, I have become even more confused about our relationship. He has started to hint that he hates to live in his big house alone. I have been to his home on London escorts outcalls on many occasions, so I know that he is not in a relationship with someone else. He has always made me feel welcome, but recently he has started to talk more about me having my own private space there. To be fair, I am not sure what he means by that, but the next time we hook up or he mentions it, I have decided that I am going to go head and ask him.

Is he a nice guy? Do you know what? Out of all of the guys I have met during my London escorts agency career, he is one of the nicest guys to spend time with. I am not sure that he can tell, but I do know that I have feelings for him. He is the sort of guy that I would like to have in my life. Yes, he is older than me, but I still feel that we have a good thing going on. The advice is to never a leave London escorts agency for one of your clients, but I have to admit that I am sorely tempted to give it all up for this guy. But, am I his girlfriend or just his London escort? I am still not sure how he sees me.

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